HI-TEC 2024, July 29 through Augut 1

Preconference Tour

Tuesday, July 30, 1:30–5:00 • $150

Garmin International World Headquarters

Bus boards at 1:15 and departs at 1:30. Tour participants are invited to the preconference lunch from Noon to 1:00.

This delightful walking tour of Garmin International’s world headquarters campus will showcase who we are. what we do, and many of our technical career pathways. Some of them may surprise you! Garmin’s stunning Olathe campus houses the departments responsible for designing, engineering, manufacturing, shipping, dreaming up, marketing, and supporting the world’s most innovative, passion-fueling electronics. The interesting architecture, Wellness Center, Zen Garden, and creative use of active spaces truly showcase the passion that drives Garmin to be a global leader. After several interesting stops, the tour will conclude with a brief presentation at the Operations/Manufacturing/Distribution Center. Participants can explore and talk to people encountered during the tour.

Participants should wear comfortable closed-toe shoes. Other than the locations given by your tour guide, taking pictures or videos is prohibited. A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) will also be required on the registration form.

Garmin HQ

HI-TEC offers the following session types on the preconference days Monday and Tuesday, July 24 and 25.

A workshop is a half-day hands-on professional development activity designed to increase the knowledge and skills of participants. Any HI-TEC attendee can register for and attend a workshop.

Special Interest Group (SIG) Meetings
A SIG is a meeting that focuses on a particular topic, initiative, or grant-funded project. SIGs provide opportunities for networking, information sharing, and community building. Except where noted as "open," attendance is by invitation only.

Buses board at 1:15 on Andrew Young-International Blvd NW located adjacent to Marietta St. (runs in front of the hotel; walk out the front doors of the South Tower and go to the left). A buffet lunch will be served in the hotel at noon for attendees.


MON 8:30–Noon • $150

WORKSHOP [SOLD OUT]: Arduino Microcontroller Workshop

This workshop will provide participants with basic microcontroller theory and operation, a review of Arduino curriculum, and a series of hands-on laboratory activities. Participants will learn how to write and modify code for Arduinos; interface sensors and output devices; and build, test, and troubleshoot circuits. Participants will be introduced to the Sparkfun Inventor’s Kit guide and will perform hands-on laboratory activities. Laptops and software will be provided for workshop use. Each participant will receive a Sparkfun Inventor’s Kit ($106 value).

Greg Kepner, Co-Principal Investigator, Micro Nano Technology Education Center (DUE #2000281), Pasadena City College, Pasadena, CA

MON 8:30–Noon • Complimentary

SIG (open): Next Generation Manufacturing

This SIG will focus on developing a repository of strategies gleaned from the 2022 Next Generation Manufacturing SIG, including those for student recruitment, industry engagement, and faculty recruitment and professional development. Participants will work together to identify strategies that can be implemented at institutions nationwide. Proven strategies will then be disseminated through the National Center for Next Generation Manufacturing website and through a paper that will be published in the Journal of Advanced Technological Education. The SIG will also provide an opportunity to network with colleagues and build nationwide partnerships.

Karen Wosczyna-Birch, Executive Director and PI, National Center for Next Generation Manufacturing, Farmington, CT; Jerry Muller, Instructor, Central Community College, Grand Island, NE; Tim Baber, Department Chair, College of the Canyons, Santa Clarita, CA; Chris Dennis, Assistant Professor, Columbus State Community College, Columbus, OH


MON 1:00–4:30 • $150

WORKSHOP: Interactive Activities for Logistics and Quality Assurance Lessons

This workshop will provide an interactive introduction to two critical aspects of the advanced manufacturing industry—purchasing and quality assurance. Participants will begin by testing their logistics skills during a purchasing simulation in which they work at “Seat-Tech Manufacturing.” Next, participants will learn quality assurance skills through a hands-on exercise. Throughout the workshop, presenters will share their proven practices for providing engaging activities for students. Participants will be provided with electronic files for all activities and with kits from the quality exercise for use in their classrooms.

Karen Wosczyna-Birch, Executive Director & PI, National Center for Next Generation Manufacturing, Farmington, CT; Chris Dennis, Assistant Professor, Columbus State Community College, Columbus, OH

MON 1:00–4:30 • $150

WORKSHOP: Physical Computing: Combining Open Source Electronics with Coding for Outreach Activities

This workshop will provide attendees with several examples of physical computing activities that can be integrated into bootcamps and summer outreach activities. In physical computing, students write or assemble code that is executed on some kind of device, bringing their code into the real world. Participants will learn how to use microcontrollers like the MicroBit or Circuit Playground Express to build sensors and create engaging projects. Each attendee will receive a Circuit Playground Express kit. In order to program it, attendees must bring their own laptop with at least one standard USB port.

Michael Davis, Professor, St. Petersburg College, Tarpon Springs, FL

MON 1:00–4:30 • (To attend, obtain code from Mark Dempsey.)

SIG (open): BILT for the Future: How to Keep Looking Ahead So Curriculum Stays Current with Workforce Needs

The Business and Industry Leadership Team (BILT) model, a structured approach to engaging employers to steer curriculum development and keep programs looking ahead as business needs evolve, has been adopted by 69 institutions in 33 states. This model—which also powers the IT Skill Standards project—gives faculty expert guidance so students learn the future-facing skills they need to be “workforce ready.” Through hands-on exercises, attendees will take a deep dive into the BILT model and learn how they can use it to boost their schools’ engagement with business and industry. The BILT model works with any technical discipline. Attendees should bring their own laptops.

Ann Beheler, PI, National Convergence Technology Center, Collin College, Frisco, TX; Mark Dempsey, Assistant Director, National Convergence Technology Center, Collin College, Frisco, TX; Pete Maritato, Instructor, Engineering Science/Technology, Suffolk County Community College, Selden NY; Kyle Jones, Chair, Computer Information Systems, Sinclair Community College, Dayton OH; Matt Glover, Co-Founder, Yern, Plano TX; Kim Yohannan, SparkED Education Manager, Alteryx, Boston MA


TUES 8:30–Noon • Complimentary


This complimentary workshop will present an overview of NSF with a focus on the proposal submission timeline and the merit review process. Participants will receive a proposal that was submitted to ATE for their review and assessment. Discussion will focus on how well the proposal met the merit review criteria as well as the structure of the proposal with respect to the described need, project goals and objectives, evaluation plan, and expertise of the project personnel. NSF POs will facilitate the discussion and in the wrap-up provide a general overview of reviewers’ comments and the post-panel processing steps. Attendees should bring their own laptops.

V. Celeste Carter, Lead Program Director, National Science Foundation, Alexandria, VA; Michael Davis, Program Director, National Science Foundation, Alexandria, VA

TUES 8:30–Noon • $150

WORKSHOP: Tools for Adopting the Framework for a Cross-Disciplinary STEM Core

This workshop will provide tools for adopting the Framework for a Cross-Disciplinary STEM Core and will present the specific roles of classroom instructors, employers, and the college president. The workshop will provide a step-by-step process and tools for community colleges interested in adopting the framework. The framework recommends incorporating skill sets from advanced digital literacy, data knowledge/analysis, and business knowledge/processes into associate degree technician preparation programs with employer input and regional customization. Any community college technical program can adopt systemic changes designed to empower learners with skill sets that cross industries and sectors. Attendees should bring their own laptops.

Ann-Claire Anderson, Sr. Vice President, Center for Occupational Research and Development, Waco, TX; Hope Cotner, President and CEO, Center for Occupational Research and Development, Waco, TX; Richard Gilbert, Co-PI, Preparing Technicians for the Future of Work, Tampa, FL; Marilyn Barger, Special Advisor, Preparing Technicians for the Future of Work; Michael Lesiecki, Co-PI, Preparing Technicians for the Future of Work, Phoenix, AZ

TUES 8:30–Noon • $150

WORKSHOP: Using XR, AR, and Virtualization to Integrate Cybersecurity Across ATE Disciplines

This workshop will demonstrate the use of extended reality (XR), augmented reality (AR), and virtualization technologies to integrate cybersecurity concepts across advanced technological education (ATE) disciplines. The session will provide participants with hands-on experience using multiple leading-edge technologies to develop engaging instructional content and teach complex cybersecurity topics. The NCyTE team has used these technologies to build a resource repository to better engage students. The workshop will provide examples of how these technologies can be used to teach students about cybersecurity risks and best practices and to enhance the overall security of organizations. Attendees should bring their own laptops.

Kristine Christensen, Professor, CIS/Director Faculty Development, NCyTE, Moraine Valley Community College, Palos Hill, IL; Michael Qaissaunee, Professor/Chair, Engineering and Technology, Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, NJ; Chuck Bales, Professor, Moraine Valley Community College, Palos Hills, IL; Stephanie Wascher, Associate Professor, Rock Valley College, Rockford, IL

TUES 8:30–Noon • (To attend, obtain code from Mark Dempsey.)

SIG (open): Showing Your Work: Best Practices and Strategies for Energizing Dissemination and Outreach

Since 2021, the National CTC has worked with the Nelly Group to strengthen its dissemination strategies. This includes adapting new practices for creating and sending monthly e-newsletters, sharpening website content to boost engagement, and learning successful social media strategies. Attendees will hear from both National CTC staff and Nelly Group content creators about case study examples of these interventions, along with general guidelines for connecting to their audiences. The workshop will include hands-on activities designed to enable attendees to learn and practice these skills. Attendees should bring their own laptops.

Ann Beheler, PI, National Convergence Technology Center, Collin College, Frisco, TX; Mark Dempsey, Assistant Director, National Convergence Technology Center, Collin College, Frisco, TX; Colleen Huber, Senior Creative Director, Nelly Group, LLC, LaPorte, IN; Maddie Witt, Social Media Manager/Content Creator, Nelly Group LLC, Chattanooga, TN


TUES 1:30–4:30 • $150

TOUR [SOLD OUT]: The Future of Cities Today Curiosity Lab Tour

Bus boards at 1:15 on Andrew Young-International Blvd NW located adjacent to Marietta St. (runs in front of the hotel; walk out the front doors of the South Tower and go to the left). A buffet lunch will be served in the hotel at noon for attendees. At the heart of what is being called the “Silicon Orchard” in the Metro Atlanta region, Peachtree Corners was the first smart city in the United States to be powered by city-owned connected infrastructure and 5G. This forward-thinking municipality, which is now home to some of the world’s most disruptive technology developers, is leading in the transition to smart cities in America. Its “Curiosity Lab” ecosystem was created as an economic development initiative that has since transformed Peachtree Corners into a premier innovation hub of the southeast United States. The initiative serves as a blueprint for how to build out a “city street of the future”– focusing on how to optimally create and nurture deeper partnerships between the public and private sectors to make the smart city vision a reality. Attendees may take photos.


MON 8:30–4:30

SIG (invitation only): NCAT E-Aircraft Propulsion Technician Standards

This Special Interest Group meeting will be a follow on to a High Voltage Electric Vehicle (EV) Workgroup. The workgroup has deconstructed a ground-based EV standard to arrive at a core standard that can be used across multiple industries. This group will continue that work by adding electric aircraft-specific knowledge and skills to the core standard. Representatives from academia and industry will be present to provide input and define job tasks, ultimately leading to curriculum and a certificate in this field.

Zack Nicklin, Unmanned Aerial Systems Program Manager, Northland CTC and Co-PI Investigator, National Center for Autonomous Technologies (NCAT, DUE 1902574); Stephen C. Ley, Associate Professor, School of Aviation Sciences, Utah Valley University; Ken Mays, PI, NEVTEX Central Oregon; Kevin Cooper, Co-PI and PI, CREATE and NEVC, Indian River State College

TUES 8:00–5:00 (breakfast and lunch included)

SIG (invitation only): Mentor-Connect Summer Workshop

Mentor-Connect current participants (new-to-ATE colleges and new-to-ATE faculty from other two-year colleges) will engage in one-on-one work time with their mentors and receive guidance from NSF Program Officers. The workshop provides checklists, information, and advice to prospective ATE grantees to complete and submit competitive ATE proposals to the NSF ATE Program via Research.gov.

TUES 8:30–Noon

SIG (invitation only): ATE Evaluators: Connect, Share, and Learn

Eight ATE evaluators will present their ATE evaluation experience to peers and colleagues, sharing their successes, discussing challenges, and gaining insight into others’ evaluation techniques. The session will also involve networking activities for ATE evaluators to get to know each other and identify common points of interest and collaboration opportunities. Attendees will grow their networks of ATE evaluator peers, gain insights into new practices, and group problem-solve difficult situations.

Lyssa Becho, Principal Research Associate, EvaluATE, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI

TUES 8:30–Noon

SIG (invitation only): Professional Development for Renewable Energy Programs Using Open-Source Equipment: The IV Curve

One of the main challenges experienced by renewable energy, specifically solar, programs is the lack of affordable, reliable lab equipment. Specifically, a key lesson for future solar technicians is understanding the fundamentals of and measuring an IV curve. Traditional equipment used to do this is relatively expensive, so CREATE, in conjunction with Impact Allies, has created a low-cost open-source solution. This session will teach the fundamentals and provide IV curve tracers to participants and associated labs. Participants will also perform the lab.

Kevin Cooper, Co-PI and PI, CREATE and NEVC, Indian River State College, Fort Pierce, FL; Ken Walz, PI, CREATE, Madison Area Technical College, Madison, WI

TUES 1:00–4:30

SIG (invitation only): InnovATEBIO-the Next Steps

InnovATEBIO collaborates with employers to garner input on future needs in biotech education. This collaboration includes a survey of industry needs conducted in conjunction with the Coalition of State Bio industry organizations (CSBI) and a forward-thinking Bio Summit held in Washington, DC, on June 25-28, 2023. Our morning session will include visits to local bioscience facilities, while our afternoon session will focus on the results of the June summit and the pathway to the next grant submission.

Linnea Fletcher, PI, InnovATEBIO National Center for Biotechnology Education, Austin Community College, Austin, TX; Russ Read, Co-PI, InnovATEBIO, Forsyth Technical Community College, Winston-Salem, NC; Philip Gibson, Advisor, InnovATEBIO, Athens, GA; Sandra Porter, Co-PI, InnovATEBIO, Seattle, WA

TUES 1:00–4:30

SIG (invitation only): Working Partners Project & Workshops

Attendees (past participants of Working Partners workshops) will revisit action plans, share successes and challenges, and collaborate on strategies while strengthening and extending their peer networks.

Mary Slowinski, PI, Working Partners Project & Workshops, Bellevue College, Bellevue, WA; Rachael Bower, Co-PI, ATE Central, Madison, WI

TUES 1:00–7:00

SIG (invitation only): Grant-Seeker’s Academy

In this session college representatives in the Grant-Seeker’s Academy who attended the virtual workshop in late May will come together with their mentors and grant leadership to work on their proposals. Although the session will be informational, its primary purpose will be to provide an opportunity for attendees to work with their mentors in person. Each team will receive assignments from their mentors as to which HITEC sessions they MUST attend to learn more in their discipline areas and in general integrate into the ATE Community. Attendees should bring their own laptops.

Hope Cotner, President and CEO, CORD, Waco, TX; Ann Beheler, PI, National Convergence Technology Center, Collin College, Frisco, TX; Ann-Claire Anderson, Sr. Vice President, Center for Occupational Research and Development, Waco, TX

TUES 6:00–9:00

SIG (invitation only): Journal of Advanced Technological Education (J ATE) Special Interest Group

Attendees to this evening meeting (dinner provided) will include J ATE editorial board members, J ATE staff and those interested in working with and supporting J ATE, such as Mentor-Connect participants, and undergraduate research students. Attendees should bring their own laptops.

Peter Kazarinoff, Faculty, MNT-EC, Portland Community College, Portland, OR

Garmin HQ
Garmin International World Headquarters (used with permission)