MON 8:30 a.m.–Noon, Sussex (3rd floor)

As technology, education, and workforce needs continue to change at an exponential rate, it is critical that the connection between student outcomes from courses and programs match the requirements of industry. A strong connection between educators and industry is required to obtain this correlation. A program that produces graduates that meet workforce requirements is guaranteed high hiring rates. Often educators are unsure of the best way to approach industry representatives and how to make those connections. This workshop will provide proven steps and approaches that will lead to initial relationships, rapport, communication, and partnerships. Participants should bring their own laptops for independent searches during the workshop. Deb Newberry, CEO/President, Newberry Technology Associates, Milwaukee, WI

MON 8:30 a.m.–Noon, Vienna (3rd floor)

Quantum technologies are emerging as the technologies of the 21st century with a potential to radically transform the way we live, communicate, and sense the world. Quantum cryptography is a technology that uses quantum physics for 100 percent secure communication. New cryptographic techniques combine quantum and traditional methods to provide protection against quantum threats. In this workshop, we will elaborate on the foundations of the quantum cryptography, how it works, and its current challenges. Participants will set up a simple communication link based on BB84 protocol and demonstrate a classical version of quantum encrypted communication. Mo Hasanovic, Principal Investigator, EdQuantum, Indian River State College, Fort Pierce, FL; Chrys Panayiotou, Executive Director, LASER-TEC, Indian River State College, Fort Pierce, FL