HI-TEC 2024, July 29 through Augut 1


Wednesday, July 31, 8:30–9:45

Reginald Hicks
Head of Facilities, Workforce Development
CHIPS for America, U.S. Department of Commerce

Reginald (Reggie) Hicks joined the CHIPS Program Office from the private Sector (Semiconductor Industry) where he led the Smart Manufacturing Artificial Intelligence, Workforce Development, Total Productive Management, and SPMO Departments at Micron Semiconductor. Some of the key initiatives related to workforce development was developing the TAP (Technician Apprenticeship Program) for Micron Virginia. This was a six-month program for non-degreed team members. The program was adopted by Micron Global team and distributed to Boise, ID corporate office. The second program was “The Direct Success” program with a collaboration with the Mayor of Manassas, VA. The program initiative was to transition High School Graduates from the Manassas City School District to become a Micron Contractor in the Shipping and Receiving department and pipeline the students through the TAP Program. Prior to Micron, Dr. Hicks worked for Tokyo Electron America for 17 years and lived in Japan and Taiwan for seven years, Texas Instruments and lived in Singapore for one year, and Hitachi Semiconductor for a total of 31 years. Dr. Hicks started the industry as an Electronic Technician, Equipment/Process Engineer, Manager, site Director, and now with the Chips office. He also is an adjunct professor with concentration in Leadership, Business, Organization Behavior, and Project Management. Dr. Hicks has a bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering Technology & Technical Management, master’s in Project Management from Keller Graduate School of Management, and a doctoral degree in Organizational Behavior from the University of Phoenix. He also has an African American Male leadership program called Positive Related Education (P.R.E). The program has successfully transitioned 22 high school young men through post-secondary graduation school.

Thursday, August 1, 12:30–1:45


This panel will focus on addressing emerging/current workforce needs in specific sectors and discussing convergence and overlap between sectors. This panel consists of four industry leaders, moderated by Dr. Kevin Cooper, representing a mix of advanced manufacturing, logistics, renewable energy, electric vehicles, cyber physical security, AI, and autonomous technologies fields.Augut