HI-TEC 2024, July 29 through Augut 1

HI-TEC 2024 Preconference Workshop or Special Interest Group (SIG) Proposal Form

Dear Proposer:

Thank you for your interest in presenting a HI-TEC Preconference Workshop or Special Interest Group (SIG) Proposal Form.
Please be aware that this form must be finished in a single session.
You will receive a copy of your submission via email.

If you have questions or problems with the form, please contact Sheila Wilson swilson@cord.org.
If you have questions about the program information, please email Ann Beheler abeheler@gmail.com or Doug Laven doug.laven@southcentral.edu

HI-TEC Staff

HI-TEC 2024 Preconference Workshop and Special Interest Group (SIG) Proposal Form

Type of Presentation

Please choose the type of presentation
*To be approved for a SIG, the proposing entity must purchase at least 12 conference registrations (Medallion Discount Level.) Preference will be given to proposers that purchase 28 or more conference registrations (Executive Discount Level)
Is the SIG by invitation only?
Is the SIG open to conference attendees?
If yes, a registration code will be issued for conference attendees and this will be paid for by the SIG after HI-TEC.

Lead Presenter/Coordinator Information

Lead Presenter/Coordinator is responsible for disseminating information to co-presenters.
(There is no preconference workshop fee for workshop presenters)
(if applicable)

Presentation Information

Topic Area You may select more than one.

D. Scheduling

Half Day Events will be scheduled on Monday morning, Monday afternoon, Monday evening, Tuesday morning, and Tuesday afternoon. Please select your first and second choices below. Every effort will be made to schedule you in your preferred time slot.
Maximum: 100 characters. The title should clearly communicate what the preconference event is about.
Maximum: 100 words. Accurately describe what your preconference event will cover and what attendees will gain. Include a statement on how it engages technicians, if applicable. This information will be printed in the program book
Maximum: 4,000 characters. This will not be printed in the program book or on the website. Include your preconference timeline, learning outcomes and list the activities you will do. This information will not be published.
70 words or less.
Do you have any co-presenters? If so, please tell us how many and complete their information.


(if applicable)