HI-TEC: High Impact Technology Exchange Conference HI-TEC: High Impact Technology Exchange Conference
HI-TEC: Educating America's Technical Workforce
HI-TEC: Educating America's Technical Workforce

Proposals for Preconference Workshops, Convenings, and Special Interest Groups

When: Monday, July 25, and Tuesday, July 26

Where: Grand America Hotel, Salt Lake City, Utah

Welcome to the HI-TEC call for preconference proposals. Please read the guidelines and complete all areas of the form linked at the bottom of this page.

Dates to Remember
Submission Deadline: February 15
Approval Notification: March 1
Presentation Date/Time Confirmed: March 10
Presenter Registration Form Due: June 10

Workshops, convenings, and special interest groups must be open to all HI-TEC Attendees and are not intended to merely advertise activities such as those for a center or project.

Preference will be given to preconference session activities that:

NOTE: Preference for convenings and special interest groups will be given to Executive Producer level supporters.


Preconference session activities will be scheduled on either Monday or Tuesday in half-day blocks and accommodate approximately 25 people in classroom-style seating, depending on the room. Please note in your description if you will require a special setup (i.e., extra tables for equipment/demos, roundtables instead of classroom seating, etc.).

Audio Visual: An LCD projector for PowerPoints, Internet access, screen, podium microphone (if necessary), and data package (AV cart and necessary power cords) will be provided. Presenters will need to bring their own laptops. There must be a minimum of 10 participants in each workshop to avoid cancellation.

Equipment/Laptops: Presenters must provide their own equipment for hands-on activities or demonstrations. Be sure to indicate on the form whether you are requiring participants to have laptops or computer access.

Required Information for Proposals

You must have the following information in order to complete the proposal form:

  1. Submitting center(s) or project(s), if applicable
  2. Contact information for person(s) coordinating workshop
  3. Presentation title (100 characters max)
  4. Description for program (100 words max)
  5. Detailed outline (4,000 characters max. Please include agenda, participants learning outcomes, and a list of activities. Give a short outline of what will take place during your presentation.)
  6. Facilitator(s)/instructor(s) – name(s) and contact information. If you don't have names, please submit the number of facilitator(s)/instructor(s) and your expected composition (i.e., educator, center personnel, industry leaders, technicians, etc.). More detailed speaker information will be needed prior to registration opening in February if you don't have it now.

For questions about the program, contact Matt Pleil or Peter Kazarinoff.

For assistance with the form, contact Sheila Wilson.


Submitters may go into the online form and print it before trying to complete the form, since it has to be completed in a single session and may time-out if it's not finished in a short time.

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