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HI-TEC: Educating America's Technical Workforce
HI-TEC: Educating America's Technical Workforce


Wednesday, July 29

Is There Anything Cooler than Space? aka NextGen Inspiration: The Interplanetary Internet (IPN)

Laura Chappell, American Innovator, Researcher, and Educator; Founder of Chappell University

Accelerated deep-space exploration and planning for off-Earth colonization is creating a new field of communications analysis. Deep-space exploration programs rely on a variant of the "terrestrial" Internet to communicate with spacecraft such as Voyagers 1 and 2 which send information back from beyond our solar system. We will look at the three elements that make deep-space communications possible and peer into live traffic from beyond Earth. From solar panels that are "grown" to a telescope that will put Hubble to shame, we will delve into projects and concepts to inspire the next generation, the "space generation".

Thursday, July 30

Building Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn to Accelerate Your Career

Richard Bliss, Architect of Executive Social Media, Author, LinkedIn Top Voices 2019, BlissPoint Consulting

Learn 5 key elements to a successful LinkedIn profile to help you stand out from the crowd. Understand how your Instagram habits are sabotaging your LinkedIn performance. LinkedIn used to be where we looked for a job, it is now the place where we do our jobs. Discover tools to track and evaluate your students and their performance on LinkedIn.