It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the 2019 HI-TEC conference in St. Louis. You will find HI-TEC to be of particular professional interest, since it directly addresses the unique needs of technician educators. During the conference you will discover exciting advances in both technology and teaching that will help prepare your students for America’s future workforce. You will also have a wide variety of opportunities to network during breaks and meals, and while exploring the exhibit hall.

We encourage you to review this HI-TEC program carefully, as there are many offerings from which to choose. Explore the concurrent sessions and consider attending one or more of the Monday and Tuesday preconference workshops. You may also want to join one of the technology site visits unique to St. Louis — Boeing Company or Cortex Innovation Community. Finally, we hope you have the chance to experience the history and cultural diversity of St. Louis and all it has to offer including the Arch.

Thank you for attending the 11th annual HI-TEC conference and helping us celebrate HI-TEC's growth and improvement. Please mark your calendar for HI-TEC 2020 in Portland, Oregon, at the DoubleTree by Hilton Portland, on July 27–30.

Pamela Silvers, 2019 Chair


July 2019 marks the 11th anniversary for HI-TEC. While spearheading this conference, I had the privilege of working with a diverse group of colleagues whose enthusiasm and drive make this event happen. This is an all-volunteer group who share the work and effort with a single goal: to produce an excellent event for technical educators. Working in a variety of committees, we pull all of the elements of a great conference together, to create a better event each year.

It is my privilege to acknowledge and thank the committees for their time and effort in making this year’s HI-TEC a success. A list of all the committees and members is on the previous page. In particular, I want to give special recognition to the committee chairs and executive committee members for all their hard work. Greg Kepner did a tremendous job of organizing the program efforts. Jeremy Leffelman is to be commended for the amazing technology site visits. Bob Ehrmann coordinated the preconference workshops. Ann Beheler secured the keynote speakers.

Thomas Stout managed the awards committee, which selected the awardees for each sector. Rachael Bower did a fantastic job leading the marketing committee. Marilyn Barger chaired the fellowship initiative and organized the fishbowl presentation. Gordon Snyder had the task of coordinating the technology needs, while Donna Lange managed accessibility needs. Mike Lesiecki managed many tasks behind the scenes.

Of course, a very special thanks to Sheila Wilson and her team from the Center for Occupational Research and Development (CORD). Once again, they have done an outstanding job in coordinating all of the details that make HI-TEC such a great success.

Finally, as with any large event, financial support is imperative, and I want to gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the National Science Foundation, which funds the Advanced Technological Education program and the community of NSF ATE centers and projects that produce HI-TEC.

Pamela Silvers, 2019 Chair

Committees and Personnel

Pam Silvers (Chair), Skilled Workers Get Jobs; Marilyn Barger, FLATE; Ann Beheler, CTC; Rachael Bower, ATE Central; Emery DeWitt, SC ATE; Bob Ehrmann, NACK; Greg Kepner, MPEC; Donna Lange, DeafTEC; Jeremy Leffelman, MN State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence; Mike Lesiecki, CORD; Deb Newberry, Newberry Technologies; Gordon Snyder, OP-TEC; Thomas Stout, The SMART Center

Awards Committee
Thomas Stout (Chair), The SMART Center; Tara Sheffer, Columbus State Community College; Vince DiNoto, GeoTECH; Emery DeWitt, SC ATE

Fellowship Committee
Marilyn Barger (Chair), FLATE; Rick Roberts, SC ATE

Keynote Committee
Ann Beheler (Chair), CTC; Bob Ehrmann, NACK

Marketing Committee
Rachael Bower (Chair), ATE Central; Christine Dossey, OP-TEC; Tynisha Ferguson, SC ATE; Shane Kirby, Columbus State Community College; Mike Lesiecki, CORD; Emma Perk, EvaluATE; Pam Silvers, AB-Tech; Mary Slowinski, Working Partners Research Project

Program Committee
Greg Kepner (Chair), MPEC; Donna Lange, DeafTEC; Shane Kirby, Columbus State Community College; Matt Pleil, SCME; Linnea Fletcher, AC2 Bio-Link; Emma Perk, EvaluATE; Tynisha Ferguson, SC ATE; Emery DeWitt, SC ATE

Technology Committee
Gordon Snyder (Chair), OP-TEC

Diversity Committee
Donna Lange (Chair), DeafTEC; Deb Newberry, Newberry Technologies; Rachael Bower, ATE Central; Tynisha Ferguson, SC ATE

Workshops Committee
Bob Ehrmann (Chair), NACK; Matt Pleil, SCME; Barb Lopez, SCME

Tour Committee
Jeremy Leffelman (Chair), MN State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence; Marilyn Barger, FLATE

Conference Manager: Sheila Wilson, CORD

Registrar/Exhibits: Linda Locke, CORD

Website Coordinator: Kathy Kral, CORD

Editor: Mark Whitney, CORD