HI-TEC: High Impact Technology Exchange Conference HI-TEC: High Impact Technology Exchange Conference
HI-TEC: Educating America's Technical Workforce
HI-TEC: Educating America's Technical Workforce
HI-TEC: Educating America's Technical Workforce

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Wednesday Opening Session

Rory Cooper (mp4, 216 mb)

Thursday Keynote Luncheon

Jonathan Gottfried (mp4, 178mb)

Keynote Luncheon

Thursday, July 20: Keynote Luncheon (slide share)

Preconference Workshops

New Free, Virtual Labs in IT/Security
Ann Beheler, Mike Harsh, CTC, Frisco, TX; Ernie Friend, CTC, Jacksonville, FL; Bill Saichek, CTC, Costa Mesa, CA
    IoT-Activity (pdf)
    Lab12-Domain-Name-System-DNS (pdf)
    MS-70-411-Administering-Windows-Lab-6 File-Server (pdf)
    Teaching-Internet-of-Things-Through-Device-Integration (pdf)
    Virtual-lab-workshops (pdf)
    Writing-Your-Smart-App (pdf)

Successful Student Recruiting Strategies 2017 (pptx)
Dan Hull, Gordon Snyder, OP-TEC, Waco, TX

Main Conference Sessions

A Biotechnology Curriculum: How to start a successful program and maintain it long term (pdf)
Eilene Lyons, BioLink San Francisco, CA; Elizabeth Boedeker, St. Louis Community College, St. Louis, MO

A New Approach to Teaching Mobile Apps Development (pptx)
Brian Trager, Elissa Olsen, David Lawrence, DeafTEC, Rochester, NY

Building Inclusive Technology Communities Through Hackathons (slide share)
Eva Snyder, South Hadley, MA; Jonathan Gottfried, Major League Hacking, Brooklyn, NY

Connecting Industry and Education to Establish Self-Sustaining Workforce Development Econsystems in Supply Chain Automation (pdf)
Colleen Molko, National Center for Supply Chain Automation, Norco, CA

CREATE Solar Institutes: Integrating Solar Energy Technology with Traditional STEM Curriculum (pdf)
Kenneth Walz, Joel Shoemaker, CREATE, Madison, WI

Cross-Institutional Collaboration to Augment Workforce Training Programs for 21st Century Employment (pdf)
Mark Choman, Luzerne County CC, Nanticoke, PA; Alison Diefenderfer, Doreen Fisher-Bammer, Kristine Schirripa, Northampton CC, Bethlehem, PA

Cultivating a Precision Agriculture Technology Program (pdf)
Cathryn Balas, Clark State CC, Springfield, OH; Gordon Snyder, OP-TEC, Waco, TX

Developing GeoINT (Geospatial Intelligence) and UAS (Drone) Courses and Programs (pdf)
Vince DiNoto, Adam Dastrup, GeoTech Center, Louisville, KY

Development of MEMS Course Content Using LabView and Arduino (pptx)
Andrew Bell, Ivy Tech CC, Fort Wayne, IN

Engineering Technology Education in the US: Report of a National Academy of Engineering Study (pptx)
Dan Hull, OP-TEC, Waco, TX; Imelda Cossette, MatEdU, Lynnwood, WA

Ensuring YOUR Classroom Is Invitational to ALL Students (pdf)
Pamela Silvers, Jim Sullivan, Rachael Tipton, Skilled Workers Get Jobs: Appalachian Impact, Asheville, NC

Expanding Technical Education Opportunities Through Distance Learning in Telepresence Classrooms (pdf)
Nancy Louwagie, Delmar Smiths, Normandale CC, Bloomington, MN

Funding Opportunities at the NSF: Programs of Interest to Two-Year Institutions (pdf)
V. Celeste Carter, Thomas B. Higgins, National Science Foundation (NSF), Arlington, VA

Funneling Students to Pathways in Nanotechnology (pdf)
Mary Ann Nickloy, Kelly Fahrenkopf, NEATEC, Albany, NY

Help With Securing a First, or Net, NSF ATE Grant: The NSF ATE Program, Mentor-Connect, and Moving-On-Up! (pptx)
Elaine Craft, SC ATE mentor-Connect, Florence, SC; V. Celeste Carter, National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA

How Can Academia and Dell EMC Partner to Help Students Prepare for IT Careers? (pdf)
Kimberly Yohannan, Dell EMC, Franklin, MA

Increasing Female Enrollment in STEM Programs (pdf)
Pamela Silvers, Skilled Workers Get Jobs: Appalachian Impact, Asheville, NC; Sharon Suess, Blue Ridge CC, Flat Rock, NC; Tamara Lasley, Virginia Highlands CC, Abingdon, VA

Integrating Data Visualization and Communication Tools in the Curriculum (pdf)
Rajiv Malkan, Lone Star College - Montgomery, Conroe, TX; Bruce Caraway, Lone Star College - University Park, Houston, TX

Mechatronics Certifications: From Confusion to Clarity (pdf)
Marilyn Barger, FLATE, Tampa, FL; Stephan Girard, PMMI, Reston, VA; Rebekah Hutton, NIMS, Fairfax, VA; Lauren von Steuben, Siemens, Berlin, Germany

Moving Manufacturing Workers Into Higher Paying Jobs (pdf)
Heather Lewis-Charp, Deanna Khemani, Social Policy Research Associates, Oakland, CA

NSA Cyber Security Centers for Academic Excellence (CAE): The Gold Standard (pdf)
Stanley Kostka, CSSIA, Palos Hills IL

NSF Proposal Writing and Mock Panel Review
V. Celeste Carter, Thomas B. Higgins, National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA

PathTech LIFE: Preliminary Findings for a National Survey of Advanced Technology Students (pptx)
Will Tyson, Edward Fletcher, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

Preparing Technicians for Integrated Photonics Manufacturing (pdf)
Abe Michelen, Robert Geer, NEATEC, Albany, NY; Dan Hull, Gordon Snyder, OP-TEC, Waco, TX

Printing Silver Nanogrids on Glass: A Hands-on Investigation of Transparent Conductive Electrodes
Wesley Sanders, Salt Lake Community College, Salt Lake City, UT
   Printing Silver Nanogrids on Glass (pdf)
   Printing Silver Nanogrids on Glass (pptx)

Reaching out to Underrepresented Populations (82 mb pdf)
Greg Kepner

Roadmap for Intrusively Engaging Students to Program Completion and Beyond (pptx)
Deb Elder, Gretchen Sherk, Denise Griffey, Linda Dubar, Kayla Harrity, Johnson County CC, Overload Park, KS

Smart, Connected, and Autonomous Cars: Future Impact on Technical Education (pdf)
Gary Mullett, CAAT, Springfield, MA

Successful Job Placement for Technician Graduates: Strategies and Resources (pptx)
Dan Hull, Gordon Snyder, OP-TEC, Waco, TX; Frank Reed, MPEC, Ottumwa, IA; Ron Darbee, Lawrence Livermore Nat’l Lab, Livermore, CA

Take the BAIT: Completing a Bachelor’s IT Degree at Your Community College
David Keathly, CTC, Denton, TX

Teaching Cybersecurity Across the Disciplines
Debasis Bhattacharya, University of Hawaii Maui College, Kahului, HI

Teaching the Internet of Things Just Became Far More Interesting
William Saichek, CTC, Costa Mesa, CA; Brian Nelson, CTC, Lansing, MI
    Teaching-IoT-Workshop-Hardware-List (pdf )
    Teaching-Internet-of-Things-Has-Just-Become-FAR-More-Interesting (pdf)
    Teaching-IoT-Lab-Logical-Diagram (pdf)

Tools for Preparing Technical Students for Careers in Supply Chain Automation (pdf)
Bob Sompolski, National Center for Supply Chain Automation, Des Plaines, IL

Tweet, Post, Publish, and Promote: Outreach Strategies That Share Your Work with the World (pdf)
Rachael Bower, ATE Central, Madison, WI; Marilyn Barger, FLATE, Tampa, FL; Emery DeWitt, SC ATE, Florence, SC; Anthony Manupelli, Pellet Productions, Reading MA: Michael Lesiecki, MATEC Networks, Phoenix, AZ

Using Business Feedback to Align Curriculum and Stay on the Cutting Edge
Ann Beheler, CTC, Frisco, TX; Matt Glover, LeVel, Plano, TX; Mercedes Adam, Comerica Bank, Sunnyvale, CA; Netapp Tu Huynh, Comerica Bank, Dallas, TX; Glenn Wintrich, Dell, Plano, TX

Using Questionmark to Conduct a Performance Based Certification (pdf)
Steve Kane, Carolyn Parise, SpaceTEC, Cape Canaveral, FL

Using Social Media to Recruit Students to Technical Programs
Joe Ippolito, EDC, Waltham, MA; Ann Beheler, CTC, Frisco, TX; Gordon Snyder, OP-TEC, Waco, TX

Using Story and an Interactive Movie to Immerse Students in the Regulated Workplace (pdf)
Jeanette Mowery, Lisa Seidman, Bio-Link and Pellet Productions